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February 25, 2015 | Fog Crest Vineyard News | Fog Crest Vineyard

Fog Crest Vineyard Celebrates Tasting Room's One Year Anniversary

February marks the one year anniversary of the opening or our Tasting Room. Hard to believe a whole year has gone by!

Looking back, we’ve had a blast and we’ve learned so much. Rosalind Manoogian, co-owner of Fog Crest Vineyard and Tasting Room visionary, recently shared some of her thoughts about the Tasting Room. She reflects on a year of striving to bring a memorable “tasting experience” to all who visit our very special space above the Laguna of Santa Rosa….

Fog Crest Vineyard tasting room interior

“We absolutely always wanted a tasting room. We knew that it was going to be one of the pieces that would bring the brand together and give us the opportunity to come into contact with our customers directly.  Every step along the way included a decision that made an aspect of the Tasting Room something a bit more special or different. It was important to us that the Tasting Room be the embodiment of the quality of the wines. The two components had to go hand in hand.

View of the Laguna from the tasting room patio

The views here are totally and completely amazing. We’re up above the Laguna. People love to sit out on the patio and enjoy their wine.

Tasting room guests enjoying the patio view

One of the most popular things we do is “First Fridays”, happening every month. Many of the locals stop by after the traditional business hours, and from 5-7pm enjoy a glass of wine or share a bottle with friends. We’ve had great response to the various food trucks that have joined us, providing unique food and wine pairing experiences for our guests.

We also offer visitors our artisan cheese platter and gourmet lunches while they relax and enjoy the ambience of the Tasting Room or the stunning views from the patio. Everything we do here is about wine and anything that we add has to have a component that feels like it complements the wines.

Tasting room patio with guests

We’ve always known that the wines are very good and now we are thrilled to have the opportunity for so many more people to enjoy them. We’re very lucky to have a Tasting Room manager who strongly believes in the philosophy of providing every customer with a “tasting experience” that they will remember long after they’ve left. We hope that our experience and service will bring them back to that moment on our patio or at one of our dining events and thus back to our wines.”

Nessia with tasting room visitors

As we move into our second year, we thank you for all your support. We’ve got some wonderful new events planned and, of course, new wines to share, and we look forward to seeing you….at the Tasting Room!

Watch Rosalind's video tour of the Tasting Room.

Experience the Tasting Room video

Please check back often to our events page to plan ahead and not miss out on any of the fun. Cheers!


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